Hesketh Visitor Guidelines

Dress Code

Ahead of visiting the Club, we politely ask all visitors to familiarise themselves with the clubs Dress Rules. See separate PDF Document

On The Course

To help ensure all golfers receive a first class experience, may we please ask that all golfers:

Course Safety

For your own and the safety of others, Visitors are requested to familarise themselves with the Club’s Health & Safety Policy.

FOG & LIGHTNING : In the event of an electrical storm, suspend play immediately & taken appropriate action. (Rule 5.7 applies).

Shelters do not provide adequate protection from lightning.

Do not continue play in fog/poor visibility, when you cannot see the clear distance of your intended shot. Only play when safe to do so.

GREENS STAFF : Have priority at all times.

Players should always alert greens staff nearby or ahead when they are about to make a stroke that might endanger them and wait for staff to move out of range.

PUBLIC FOOTPATHS – HOLES 5,6 & 7 : Paths run alongside and cross several holes on the course.  Priority must be given to members of the public.  Players must not play shots until footpaths in range are clear.

BUGGIES: To ensure the safety of all golf course users, buggy drivers are required to comply with the Club’s Buggy Policy and follow designated buggy routes at all times.  Take particular care on slopes and around ditches and deep-sided bunkers.

The Course, its Steps and Surfaces may be slippery when damp or wet.  Golfers must ensure to wear appropriate footwear to meet the prevailing conditions and consider using metal spiked shoes. Wherever possible, keep to covered areas of Footpaths & Steps.

Take care on steep banks and when entering & leaving deep-sided bunkers.

DEEP WATER : There are several ponds across the course.  Players are advised not to attempt to retrieve golf balls from ponds.  Players enter water hazards at their own risk.